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Swine Managers

Qualified professionals are in demand to manage pig farms across the country. There are two programs available to help prepare candidates to manage farms and raise pigs responsibly in line with the pork industry’s We Care ethical principles.

More Training & Certification

The Pork Checkoff provides comprehensive training programs for different roles and stages in production.

It’s important that all caretakers and handlers receive the training needed for their particular duties to ensure a safe, high-quality pork supply.

Professional Swine Manager Program

The Professional Swine Manager (PSM) educational program is now a U.S. Pork Center of Excellence program. The program is offered as a community college curriculum that qualifies as credit toward an Associate’s Degree. It focuses on modern pork production, skills to manage a sow farm and grow-finish units, and skills within each type of production system.

Certified Swine Manager

Take your career in pork to the next level with a Certified Swine Manager (CSM) certification. Learn on-the-job skills in line with the We Care ethical principles.

  • Producing Safe Food
  • Promoting Animal Well-Being
  • Protecting Public Health
  • Safeguarding Natural Resources
  • Providing a Safe Work Environment
  • Contributing to a Better Quality of Life in Our Communities

This certification program recognizes individuals with knowledge and skills in swine production. The program is an opportunity to develop any level of employee, including farm manager, department manager or an employee seeking a promotion.