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FAD Prevention & Preparedness
Not Your Father’s FAD Prep: How to Keep Up with Advancements

How pork producers can enhance their preparation and prevention strategies to combat foreign animal diseases.

AgView: A Solution to Track Movement
As a parent of five kids, ages nine to 21, our family constantly goes in different directions. Wrestling practice, dance, cross-country and track, cheer, baseball, school, part-time jobs — it’s...
Pork Checkoff News
SHIC Receives Pork Checkoff Funding for Program Extension to 2027

The National Pork Board of directors has approved an additional $15 million investment of Pork Checkoff funds in the Swine Health Information Center (SHIC) extending funding through 2027.

Understanding PRRS 1-4-4

Animal health experts present guidance, biosecurity considerations and recent research on porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome at NPB's October producer webinar.

FAD Prevention & Preparedness
Study Validates Pork Industry’s Biosecurity Measures Against African Swine Fever

After reviewing eight potential pathways, a new study has found no major areas have been overlooked to prevent the introduction of African swine fever to the U.S.

FAD Prevention & Preparedness
African Swine Fever Protection Zone

The protection zone is another important step in keeping African swine fever out of the U.S.

What ASF in the Dominican Republic Means for U.S. Producers

NPB collaborates with partners to prevent African swine fever from entering the U.S. and prepare the pork industry for how to respond if it does.

FAD Prevention & Preparedness
Research Prioritizes African Swine Fever Prevention and Preparedness

Scientific research holds the key to unlocking answers to African swine fever. That is where Pork Checkoff-funded research priorities come into play.

Create an AgView Account to Prepare for an FAD Outbreak

“We need everybody to create an AgView account – whether you are a large, small, niche or show pig producer – I don’t care why you’re raising a pig, we need you in the system.” Patrick Webb, DVM, Acting Chief Veterinarian for the National Pork Board

FAD Prevention & Preparedness
NPB, Customs and Border Protection Collaborate to Keep ASF Out of the U.S.

CBP's Beagle Brigade identifies smuggled pork products in international air travelers' luggage. African swine fever is unique because it can survive in undercooked, dried or frozen pork.

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