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Sustainability in the Pork Industry: What’s Coming and Why Pork Producers Need to be Ready

Sustainability isn’t a buzzword that is going away. There are more global factors than ever that continue to put pressure on pork and food producers.

Real Pork
Real Pork Gets Real Results

Real Pork is the industry’s trust and image brand — it's how we differentiate pork from alternatives. NPB has promoted Real Pork in three key areas this year.

Sustainability of Modern Protein Production in Times of Global Supply Chain Uncertainty

Supply chain challenges. Labor shortages. Sustainability pressures. Market volatility. Ruth Kimmelshue of Cargill Animal Nutrition shares her take on these issues through a pork industry lens.

NPB and Partners Receive $155 Million from USDA Climate-Smart Program

NPB is a collaborator on three separate grants awarded by USDA that support climate-smart pork production.

NPB’s Mission to Make Pork a Leading, Sustainable Protein Choice

The 2022 U.S. Pork Industry Sustainability Report establishes the We Care® Ethical Principles as tools to measure on-farm sustainability efforts.

NPB Announces Pork Industry Sustainability Goals and Metrics, Releases First Official Report

Collaborative, multi-year process was driven by farmers but informed by consumer expectations.

Optimizing Manure as a Nutrient Source

Swine manure is an economical alternative to commercial fertilizer, especially with ongoing supply chain disruptions. Using manure more strategically this fall can help decrease overall commercial fertilizer costs.

Production & Management
5 Tips for Staying Safe While Handling Manure

Follow these tips for manure handling safety including air quality, ventilation, warning tags, confined space protocol and fire hazards.

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