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Environment - Air
Dispersion of Volatile Organic compounds around Swine Production Facilities in the United States
Environment - Air
Reduction of Odorous Sulfide and Phenolic Compounds in Pig Manure Through Diet Modification
Environment - Air
Evaluation of the Impact of Distillers Dried Grains with Solubles on Swine Manure Odor
Environment - Air
Development of Site-specific odor Impact Distance Guidelines for Swine Production
Environment - Air
Development of a prefabricated treatment plant for diluted pig wastewater
In order to develop a prefabricated treatment and reuse plant for diluted pig wastewater, an entrapped-mixed-microbial-cell (EMMC) process was evaluated for its process performance and economic...
Environment - Air
Manipulation of Swine Diets to Reduce Odors and Harmful Gaseous Emissions from Manure
Environment - Air
Soil infiltration and wetland microcosm treatment of liquid swine manure
Management systems are needed to minimize water quality concerns associated with liquid swine manure from large swine production facilities. Experiments were conducted to investigate the removal of...
Environment - Air
Quantifying Volatile Organic Compound Interaction With Particulate Matter For The Development Of Odor Transport Models
Environment - Air
Hydrogen sulphide emission from two large pig-finishing buildings with long-term high-frequency measurements
Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) is a common toxic air pollutant and is emitted from decomposing manure at animal facilities. However, there have been only a few studies of H2S emissions from animal buildings,...
Environment - Air
Liquid balance model for swine waste management systems using single-stage anaerobic lagoons
The most important wastewater operation for farmers using lagoons to treat swine waste is maintaining the liquid level within the operational levels to avoid overflows and to satisfy the water demand...
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