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The Profit Maximizer is a biweekly report that provides insights and analysis on current pork markets.

Steiner and Company produces the National Pork Board newsletter based on information we believe is accurate and reliable. However neither NPB nor Steiner and Company warrants or guarantees the accuracy of or accepts any liability for the data, opinions or recommendations expressed.

Latest Report

Labor, Exports Remain Key Wild Cards for Pork Prices This Winter

October 11, 2021

• Pork export volume down slightly in August even as exports to China are only half of what they were last year. Robust exports to Mexico have helped offset the loss of exports to China.

• Wholesale pork prices came under some pressure late in the week as weekly slaughter increased by 80k head from the previous week. However, we continue to see a big price spread between boneless and bone-in product. This is due to the additional labor needed to bone and trim muscle cuts.

• The price of 72CL pork trim has declined compared to summer, in part because slaughter currently is as much as 300k head higher than in July and August. However, fat pork trim prices remain historically high as packers are not trimming as much product as they used to.


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