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The Profit Maximizer is a biweekly report that provides insights and analysis on current pork markets.

Steiner and Company produces the National Pork Board newsletter based on information we believe is accurate and reliable. However neither NPB nor Steiner and Company warrants or guarantees the accuracy of or accepts any liability for the data, opinions or recommendations expressed.

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Long Run Pork Retail Prices Remain Competitive vs. Other Proteins

July 19, 2021

• In the last 10 years, beef retail prices have increased at a faster pace than the price of pork and poultry. June beef prices were 51% higher than the average beef retail price in 2011. Pork retail prices, on the other hand, were 19% higher than in June 2011, while poultry retail prices were up 22%.

• Hog slaughter last week was once again below 2.3 million head (2.280), the lowest non-holiday slaughter week this year.

• Pork supplies are limited in the near term due to the decline in slaughter as well as carcass weights at annual lows. The decline in production has helped prop up product prices, especially the price of processing items, such as hams, bellies and trim.

• Lower slaughter and weights have especially impacted prices for pork trim. Tight labor supplies continue to limit the number of trim lines that packers are able to run, further reducing supply.

• Pork belly prices should be firm in the very near term but beware the seasonal tendency for sharply lower prices in late August and September. China exports are sharply lower and could pressure prices lower in the fall.

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