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We are proud to have a staff who passionately focus on research, promotion and education in order to ensure the longevity of pork as a tasty, nutrient-dense protein.

The National Pork Board (NPB) is a consumer-focused, producer-led organization that leads the pork industry as a catalyst and connector to add value and build trust among those who produce, process, sell and consume pork.

Career Opportunities

We’re always looking for passionate people to support the pork industry. Be sure to check back often if you don’t see a position that fits your background.

Our Work

We’re proud to support pork producers. Our people work every day to build trust and increase the value of U.S. pork by leveraging innovation to do what’s right for people, pigs and the planet.

Our People, Their Places

While the NPB is based in Des Moines, Iowa, our team and talent is comprised of top industry experts from across the United States.

Our People, Their Stories

The people of NPB are passionate about the pork industry and serving producers. NPB allows them to utilize their past experiences while continuing to grow and develop as professionals. Read what a few of them have to say.

Dr. Clay Eastwood

Director of International Market Development

Dr. Eastwood supports NPB’s international marketing strategy by engaging with key stakeholders on issues of mutual interest as well as assisting with outreach and communications strategy in order to set up U.S. pork for long-term success. She strives to build confidence in U.S. pork’s safety, consistency and reliability with international customers.

“I have a master’s and Ph.D. in meat science and animal science, but I am serving NPB in an international marketing role. This diverse background allows me to bring a unique perspective into my work because I understand the supply chain and issues that affect the pork industry through a different lens. I love working with representatives from different countries around the world because seeing how they live, work and their expectations of pork products from the U.S. is truly fascinating.”

Dr. Heather Fowler, VMD

Director of Producer and Public Health
New Jersey

As a public health veterinarian, Dr. Fowler splits her time between education, outreach and research activities that relate to public health and worker safety and health in the swine industry.

“I’m thankful that NPB’s leadership prioritizes personal and professional growth opportunities which help me to continue to develop as a professional. This ongoing learning allows me to serve America’s pork producers better by improving in my program and project management skills.”

Stephen Herring

Manager of Producer and State Engagement
North Carolina

Stephen serves as the liaison between state and national pork associations and participates in their producer outreach efforts. He works with producers and companies in the Southeast to ensure they are fully aware of NPB resources and initiatives.

“One of my biggest accomplishments during my time at NPB is spreading awareness of the We CareSM ethical principles to both producers and consumers. To producers, it’s a reminder of the values they hold every day while providing protein to their communities. To consumers, it’s a promise that they can safely enjoy pork knowing it was raised in an ethical way.”