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Human Nutrition
Pork Consumption and Its Relationship to Human Nutrition and Health: A Scoping Review
Pork is a frequently consumed red meat that provides substantial amounts of energy, macronutrients, and micronutrients to the diet. Its role in human nutrition and health is controversial, and a...
Human Nutrition
Sources of and Adequacy of Protein Intake Among Pregnant Women in the United States
Abstract Limited information is available on protein intake and adequacy of protein intake among pregnant women. Using data from a sample of 528 pregnant women in the National Health and Nutrition...
Human Nutrition
Nutrient Profile Analysis of Pork and Alternative Protein Sources
Human Nutrition
Does Meal-based Enhancement of Protein Intake Augment Long-term Responses to Sarcopenic Obesity Reduction?
Human Nutrition
Effects of consuming red meat on the gut microbiome in young adults
Human Nutrition
Effects of red meat on type 2 diabetes risk factors and markers of chronic inflammation: A systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials
Human Nutrition
Pork Consumption in Relation to Body Weight and Composition: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis
Abstract Objectives In this study, we systematically synthesized scientific evidence on pork consumption in relation to body weight and composition among adults. Methods: We performed a keyword...
Human Nutrition
Fresh and Lean Pork Consumption in Relation to Nutrient Intakes and Diet Quality among US Adults, NHANES 2005-2016
Objective In this study, we assessed the influence of pork consumption on nutrient intakes and diet quality among US adults. Methods We used a nationally-representative sample (N=27,117) from the...
Human Nutrition
Digestible indispensable amino acid score for pork products at various stages of processing
Human Nutrition
Metabolism of Vitamin K Forms in Fresh Pork
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