The thin stillage leftover from ethanol production contains biodegradable organic compounds and sufficient micronutrients that an ideal feedstock for fungal cultivation such as Rhizopus microsporus variant oligosporus. The fungus removes about 60% of the organic material, including the suspended solids and even more of some specific substances that are undesirable for recycling. Then the fungal pellets can easily be harvested as a food-grade organism (RO), which is rich in fat and protein (specifically the amino acids lysine and methionine). Thus, this value added byproduct may be a suitable feed ingredient for swine nutrition. Additionally, RO may also have some added health benefits. The objectives of the proposed research were: (1) evaluate the effects of RO on nursery pig growth performance, tissue accretion rates and total tract digestibility; and (2) evaluate potential intestinal health and function benefits that would facilitate long-term growth, caloric efficiency and pig viability. Each of these objectives was completed in nursery pigs. Please contact Nicholas Gabler at Iowa State University for further detail ([email protected]).