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Research is at the heart of the National Pork Board’s mission and is funded by your Pork Checkoff dollars. Research is administered in all areas of pork production, processing, and human nutrition to develop a higher quality and more profitable product in the competitive meat protein market.

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Swine Health - General Disease
Evaluation of Mortality Composting Parameters Necessary for Inactivation of PEDv
This project was conducted in an effort to determine the transmission risk for PEDv following on-farm composting of PEDv-positive swine mortalities. The studies performed were designed to...
Animal Science - Swine Nutrition
Refining a model to investigate the interactive effects of health status and nutrition on nutrient and energy utilization in pigs
Each year the National Pork Board identifies infectious disease prevention as a high-priority research area. The prevention and treatment of diseases common to swine operations represents a...
Animal Science - Swine Nutrition
Effect of glucosamine supplementation on litter size in a commercial setting
Litter size is a key determinant of the efficiency of pork production. In turn, placental function is a key determinant of whether an individual pig fetus survives during gestation and also...
Animal Science - Swine Nutrition
Development of a Nutrition × Health Interaction Model to Study Nursery Pig Performance
The goal of this research project was to use Porcine Circovirus 2 (PCV2) challenge model as an approach to study the interaction of nutrition and disease (e.g., PRRS, mycoplasma pneumonia,...
Animal Science - Reproductive & Growth Physiology
Effect of GnRH-II on reproductive efficiency and productivity of first parity sows
Although never investigated, gonadotropin-releasing hormone II (GnRH-II) may be associated with the interaction between nutritional status and reproduction in swine. Therefore, we examined the role...
Animal Science - Swine Nutrition
Using high-fiber diets to limit energy intake in developing gilts: effects on puberty, reproduction, culling rates, lifetime productivity, and progeny health and growth
The effects of developing gilts limiting energy intake, using a high-fiber diet, compared to a corn-soybean meal based diet were evaluated. The high-fiber diet used contained 40% soybean hulls....
Environment - Air
Effects of Manure Handling and Application Method on Odor and Gas Emission Potential of Swine Manure
This project investigated manure composition and emissions potential of swine manure in opposing contexts of desired and undesired methane generation. In the main study, the full-scale treatment...
Pork Safety - Post-Harvest
Additional features to the porcine 3D model to teach the sub-primal and retail cuts of the pork carcass
Increasing demand for pork requires that new uses for existing underutilized muscles in the pork carcass be developed into new and novel products. Much of pork is purchased in the form of...
Animal Science - Swine Nutrition
Economic Analysis of the UNL Gilt Development Project
Restricting energy intake during gilt development lowered costs associated with gilt development and increased subsequent productivity of these females. The study modeled costs and value of market...
Animal Science
Development of a three dimensional digital model of the skeleton and muscular anatomy of the pork carcass including several learning modules
Increase demand for pork requires that new uses for existing muscles in the pork carcass be utilized in new and novel ways. To do this, different fabrication procedures need to be developed and then...
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