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Research is at the heart of the National Pork Board’s mission and is funded by your Pork Checkoff dollars. Research is administered in all areas of pork production, processing, and human nutrition to develop a higher quality and more profitable product in the competitive meat protein market.

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Human Nutrition
Within-Day Protein Distribution Does Not Influence Body Composition Responses During Weight Loss in Resistance-Training Adults Who Are Overweight
Abstract Emerging research suggests that redistributing total protein intake from 1 high-protein meal/d to multiple moderately high-protein meals improves 24-h muscle protein synthesis. Over time,...
Human Nutrition
Effects of Dietary Protein Source and Quantity during Weight Loss on Appetite, Energy Expenditure, and Cardio-Metabolic Responses
Abstract Higher protein meals increase satiety and the thermic effect of feeding (TEF) in acute settings, but it is unclear whether these effects remain after a person becomes acclimated to energy...
Human Nutrition
Effects of Consuming Ounce Equivalent Portions of Fresh Pork Versus Nuts, Beans and Eggs, as Defined by the Dietary Guidelines for Americans on Essential Amino Acid Substrate Availability for Protein Anabolism
The 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans (DGA) recommends how much “Protein Foods” should be consumed per day and per week as part of a Healthy U.S.-Style Eating Pattern. The...
Human Nutrition
Effects of Red Meat Consumption on Gut Microbiota in Young Adults
Background Diet strongly affects human metabolic health, partly by modulating gut microbiome. To date, limited research has assessed the effects of different types of red meat on gut microbiota in...
Human Nutrition
Effects of consuming red meat on the gut microbiome in young adults
Human Nutrition
Effects of red meat on type 2 diabetes risk factors and markers of chronic inflammation: A systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials
Human Nutrition
Effects of incorporating red meat into a Mediterranean-style dietary pattern on cardiometabolic and emotional well-being
The Mediterranean-style eating pattern (Med Pattern) is consistently associated with decreased chronic disease risk (1-3) with emerging evidence suggesting improved quality of life (4-6) and sleep...
Animal Science
Effects of dietary protein patterning on weight loss and resistance training-induced changes in body composition, skeletal muscle, and indices of metabolic syndrome
The purpose of this study was to assess whether redistributing equivalent total daily protein intakes from one high protein-containing meal into multiple moderately-high protein-containing meals...
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