AgView is a free, opt-in technology solution from the Pork Checkoff. The software platform promotes business continuity for America’s pig farmers by making disease traceback and pig movement data available, with producer permission, to animal health officials on day one of a foreign animal disease outbreak.  

“The collaboration with MetaFarms is a great example of how we are continuing to refine the AgView platform to make it easier for producers to use,” said Patrick Webb, DVM, director of swine health, National Pork Board. “There’s no better time than now to get started by creating a free account and starting on the path to protection against the real threats of foreign animal disease.” 

For the first time ever, AgView offers producers an efficient and seamless way to get vital pig movement and health status information to animal health officials on the first day of a foreign animal disease outbreak. This critical data can provide valuable insight that allows for faster trace-back and containment of disease, which should lead to faster recovery times to normal business conditions. 

“We know that the cost of having a poor response to a disease outbreak such as African swine fever could lead to billions of dollars in losses,” Webb said. “AgView is a tool that can allow us to limit these losses and put us back on the road to recovery much more quickly than we could do without it. However, to realize this goal of industry-wide protection, we need as many producers as possible to participate.” 

Like AgView itself, the integration with MetaFarms is available to its users at no cost. To get started, contact MetaFarms support at [email protected] or via phone at (952) 215-3233. 

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