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Animal Well-being
Towards an improved method of piglet castration to reduce pain: the use of one incision in combination with the use of Vapocoolant and Metacam™
Animal Well-being
Providing humane on-farm handling tools to move non-ambulatory grow-finish pigs
Animal Well-being
The plasma and tissue pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in neonatal piglets.
Animal Well-being
Determining the Topical and Oral Pharmacokinetics of Flunixin Meglumine in Pre-wean Piglets and Developing Tools for Drug Study in Pre-Wean Piglets
Animal Well-being
A study to develop and validate assays to measure and compare four circulating neuropeptides as objective pain biomarkers in piglets
Animal Well-being
Development of an interactive training app for timely and humane on-farm euthanasia in pre-weaned piglets
Euthanasia is a necessary act for any operation keeping live animals. However, science-based guidance for pig producers on proper on-farm decision criteria for euthanasia in piglets is deficient.
Animal Well-being
Broadly protective nasal mucosal vaccine for influenza A virus of swine
Influenza A virus of swine (IAV-S) is widespread and causes significant losses to swine producers. Besides its economic burden, the virus also poses a great threat to public health due to its...
Animal Well-being
Building a handling course to document sow locomotion when sows are afflicted with different naturally occurring lameness
Sow lameness is a major production disease affecting welfare and profitability. In 2014, Karriker and colleagues created a comprehensive swine lameness diagnostic manual which incorporated several diagnostic tools and pre- and post-mortem assessments.
Animal Well-being
Evaluating the effects of mitigation strategies on piglet welfare and future productivity after transport during different seasons
As consumer concern for swine welfare, husbandry methods, and antibiotic use in animal agriculture increase, so will the need for U.S. pork producers to demonstrate that current production practices...
Animal Well-being
National survey of Salmonella prevalence in lymph nodes of sows and market hogs
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