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Environment - Environmental Footprint
LCA of Alternate Swine Management
Life cycle analyses of eight pork production strategies for three environmental impact categories yielded a range of results, from a 17 percent increase in global warming potential (removing...
Environment - Environmental Footprint
Quantification of Greenhouse Gas Emissions from a Production Scale Midwestern Breeding/Gestation/Farrowing Facility
Gaseous emissions from livestock production continue to receive increasing attention due to concerns over their environmental and health...
Environment - Environmental Footprint
A 50-Year Comparison of the Carbon Footprint and Resource Use of the US Swine Herd: 1959 – 2009
The purpose for this scientific project was to conduct parallel life cycle assessments to evaluate the impact of increased production efficiency in the U.S. swine industry on the environment and...
Environment - Environmental Footprint
Meta-Analysis of Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Swine Operations
Global warming has been linked to Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions. Swine operations are important sources of GHG, primarily methane (CH4) and nitrous oxide (N2O). The Intergovernmental Panel on...
Environment - Environmental Footprint
Reducing the Environmental Footprint of Pig Finishing Barns
Increasing energy costs and regulatory push for lower emissions of air pollutants is a fact facing swine producers throughout the upper Midwest. The primary objective of this project was to...
Environment - Environmental Footprint
Building Design and Cost to Reduce Energy and Emissions by Cleaning and Recirculating Room Air
Modern swine production is being challenged to reduce air emissions and energy consumption and yet remain profitable. A novel approach to accomplish these goals is to remove the hydrogen sulfide,...
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