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Environment - Environmental Footprint
Framing Agricultural Solutions for Economic and Environmental Resilience
Pork producers have made significant investments in life cycle assessments (LCAs) and the Pig Production Environmental Footprint Calculator (PPEC). This project built on pork’s previous data...
Environment - Environmental Footprint
Above Ground Burial/Composting of Swine Mortalities
The overall objective of this project was to determine whether or not the Above Ground Burial (AGB) system is a practical solution for pork producers in the Western Cornbelt for mass burial in the...
Environment - Environmental Footprint
Production Analysis Summary for U.S. Pork Industry: 2017-2020
The goal of this production analysis is to aid the pork industry in improving efficiency. This is done through an analysis of anonymous production data using a standardized set of business logic and...
Environment - Environmental Footprint
Environmental Footprints for Regional Swine Production Systems Now and in the Future – A Demonstration Pilot Project
Environment - Environmental Footprint
A meta-analysis of life cycle assessments on environmental footprints of five representative finishing swine diets
Environment - Environmental Footprint
Carbon, water, and land use for pork production when modifying type and regional sourcing of feed ingredients
Environment - Environmental Footprint
Comparative Life Cycle Assessment of Field-to-Fork Pork Supply Chains in the United States and the European Union
The goal of this study was to compare impacts of pork production and consumption in the US and EU. The impacts were calculated using life cycle assessment (LCA) methodology. The LCA provides...
Environment - Environmental Footprint
A Life Cycle Analysis of Land Use in US Pork Production
The goal of this study was to analyze land use in the production of US pork using Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). LCA is a comprehensive methodology for quantitatively analyzing potential...
Environment - Environmental Footprint
Quantification of Greenhouse Gas Emissions from a Production Scale Midwestern Breeding/Gestation/Farrowing Facility
Gaseous emissions from livestock production continue to receive increasing attention due to concerns over their environmental and health impacts. Local concerns over gaseous emissions are...
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