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Pork Quality
Determination of the correlation of loin quality parameters with fresh belly characteristics and fresh and processed ham quality
One of the key challenges currently facing the pork industry is a lack of insight into the relationship between loin, belly, and ham quality. Most published research focuses on loin, belly, or...
Pork Quality
A systematic review of patterns in tenderness metrics of North American based pork from 1994 to 2014
Pork value is determined by its composition and by consumer satisfaction. Several metrics of pork are considered indicators of tenderness and overall quality. We conducted a systematic review to...
Pork Quality
Impact of Seasonal Heat Stress on Fatty Acid Composition and Pork Fat Quality
Heat stress (HS) remains one of the most costly factors in the swine industry and is responsible for increased mortality, altered carcass compositions, reduced reproductive ability, and slower growth...
Pork Quality
Influence of iodine value and packaging type on shelf life of HRI packaged bacon slices
Over the last decade, a great deal of research has been done investigating how diet manipulation influences pork quality.  Most...
Pork Quality
Improving carcass fat quality by manipulating the amount and timing of feeding dietary fats with different iodine values
This project speaks directly to the primary objectives of the Improving Fat Quality program, by seeking to maximize production efficiencies through optimizing the use of dietary fat and...
Pork Quality
The Development of Equations to Predict the Iodine Value of Various Swine Carcass Fat Depots
The objectives of this study were two fold. The first objective was to analyze existing data to develop predictive equations to determine the iodine value of three economically relevant...
Pork Quality
Determining Pork Fat Quality as Measured by Three Methods with an Industry Standard Marketing Plan for Pigs Fed 20% DDGS
Fat quality affects the entire pork chain as both fresh and further processed products are subject to fat oxidation, color change, and shortened shelf-life in light of poor fat quality. The...
Pork Quality
Relationship of Fat Quality to Meat and Eating Quality Traits of Pork
Fat quality is an important component of overall pork quality and consumer acceptance of pork, but, prior to this research, little was known about genetic differences, relationships amongst...
Pork Quality
National Pork Retail Benchmarking Study
The primary objective of this project was to benchmark fresh pork quality at the retail store level. A great deal of variation in pork quality exists in the retail marketplace, leaving consumers with...
Pork Quality
Influence of commercial deep chilling processes on early postmortem events in muscle that affect ultimate fresh pork tenderness and processing quality
Recent observations and evidence have supported the conclusion that rapid chilling (deep chilling) of pork carcasses in commercial processing plants has the potential to decrease pork tenderness....
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