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Public Health - Other
Updated systematic review of the association between proximity to animal feeding operations and the health of individuals in nearby communities
Our objective was to update a previous review of the scientific literature of the impact of living near animal feeding operations on human health. We conducted a search of the literature in October...
Public Health - Other
Animal and Human Health Implications of Livestock Associated Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA)
The apparently recent emergence of ST398 MRSA in livestock populations in many countries is a valid cause of consternation, and the public health implications need to be...
Public Health - Other
Understanding health-related microbial, odor, and ammonia fate following swine lagoon wastewater application by center pivot irrigation
Microorganisms are present in animal wastewater. These microorganisms may include those important in human and animal disease. Animal wastewater may also contain ammonia and compounds that produce...
Public Health - Other
Development of methods for determining the estrogen content of swine wastes
Measurable levels of estrogens were found in lagoons from all types of production with boars and sows being higher than finishing units. The number of nursery units sampled was limited but those...
Public Health - Other
Fate of Estrogens in Pig Waste
As discussed earlier, about 2.3 x 108 kg of manure is generated each day in the US by the pig industry. Manure is land applied because its value in supplying nutrients to crops as well as of...
Public Health - Other
Quantifying Overland and Vertical Transport of Pathogens as Affected ByVegetated Buffer Strips
Public Health - Other
Nutrient and Pathogen Losses to Subsurface Tile Drainage from Swine Manure
Land application of swine manure on tile-drained soils has become a controversial issue in some swine producing areas because of uncertainties regarding the leaching of nitrates, phosphorus, and...
Public Health - Other
Effect of Exposure to Diluted Air Sampled from a Swine Confinement Atmosphere on Human Subjects
Public Health - Other
Recovery and Identification of Airborne Microorganisms in Swine Facilities Using Selective Agar and Thin Agar Layer (TAL) Resuscitation Media
This study was designed to determine the amount of bacteria in the air of a swine confinement finishing barn using media designed to resuscitate injured organisms. In addition to knowing how much...
Public Health - Other
Characterization of VOCs and particulates from swine finishing facilities and relationship of these compounds to human health
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