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Research is at the heart of the National Pork Board’s mission and is funded by your Pork Checkoff dollars. Research is administered in all areas of pork production, processing, and human nutrition to develop a higher quality and more profitable product in the competitive meat protein market.

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Post-Harvest Pork Safety
Post-Process Pasteurization of Packaged, Ready-to-Eat products forControl of Listeria monocytogenes
Pre-Harvest Pork Safety
Growth and Immunomodulatory Effects of the Seaweed Ascophyllum Nodosum in Salmonella-Infected Pigs
Post-Harvest Pork Safety
Salmonella Risk Assessment for Blade Tenderized, Immersion marinated, Needle Injected and Fibrinogen Processed Pork Cuts During Processing, Storage and Cooking
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