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Research is at the heart of the National Pork Board’s mission and is funded by your Pork Checkoff dollars. Research is administered in all areas of pork production, processing, and human nutrition to develop a higher quality and more profitable product in the competitive meat protein market.

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Pork Quality
Characterizing the amount, variability and cellular mechanisms of intramuscular fat deposition throughout the loin using barrows and gilts from two genotypes
Capturing genetic potential for greater sow lifetime productivity.
These results confirm that, in a population of contemporary replacement gilts managed in a commercial farm environment, the protocol used to expose gilts to boar stimuli has a major impact on the efficiency of inducing a pubertal estrus (HNS) response.
Animal Science - Heavy Market Pig
Projecting changes in pig growth, pork quality, eating experience, and muscle physiology due to increasing live and carcass weights
Animal Science - Sow Lifetime Productivity
Moderating body temperature decline in low birth weight piglets in the early post-natal period to improve survival and enhance animal welfare.
Animal Science - Swine Nutrition
Effects of body weight and research conditions on the determination of the productive energy content of corn germ meal fed to growing-finishing pigs.
Corn germ meal (CGM), a co-product of the corn wet milling industry, is an ingredient that could be used to reduce the cost of swine diets. Efficient use of any ingredient requires an accurate...
Pork Quality
Determining the relationship between early postmortem loin quality attributes and aged loin quality attributes using meta-analysis techniques
Pork Quality
Characterizing the relationship between early postmortem loin quality attributes with 14 day aged loin quality attributes and sensory characteristics
Pork Quality
Pork Supply Chain Audit
Effects of melatonin feeding before and following breeding in mature gilts and primiparous sows to reduce failures in estrus expression and pregnancy establishment associated with seasonal infertility in summer and fall
Animal Science - Swine Nutrition
Energy and nutrient digestibility in 11 sources of wheat middlings
 Wheat middlings and red dog are co-products from the wheat processing industry and are the high-fiber leftovers from production of wheat flour. There is an estimated total annual production of...
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