Making a Difference in the Meat Case

Ground pork continues to grow in popularity with consumers. National Pork Board (NPB) launched a Checkoff-funded test and learn research project with Hy-Vee and Iowa Pork Producers Association. The goal is to understand how ground pork’s placement in the meat case can impact and encourage additional purchases.

Retailers Benefit from Higher and More Frequent Spending in their Stores

Fresh pork is in 81% of U.S. households.1 Research shows shoppers spend on average $104 when pork is in their cart. The same study found 80% of pork shoppers repeat their purchase. This indicates they are a more valuable and consistent customer for retailers.2

This collaboration seeks to prove increasing ground pork offerings in the meat case will grow sales for the meat department. The revised shelf set and merchandising create a better flow of ground meat. It also expands ground pork’s shelf-space in the case.

These modified sets are being featured in 35 stores across Iowa, Minnesota and Nebraska to gauge the impact on sales. IRI, NPB’s market intelligence partner, will track sales at both test and control stores, offering third-party data validation.

Supply Chain Should Focus on Ground Pork Category Growth

Through custom research and test and learn projects, NPB is building consumer demand for ground pork and helping retailers understand the importance of properly merchandising pork products to maximize sales. According to Checkoff-funded research, about 50% of ground pork purchases came from new households during the pandemic and 9 out of 10 consumers were likely to purchase again.3

NPB will share insights from this third-party research with nationwide retailers on the impact of ground pork’s placement in the meat case on sales results. The displays are in-store now through mid-November.

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