The National Pork Board, National Pork Producers Council (NPPC) and state organizations have launched the Pork Industry Immersion Program.

The two-year program accelerates the development of early career talent and produces a pipeline of leaders ready to meet the demands and challenges at pork associations by exposing participants to all facets of the pork industry.

The program will include three rotations at the following organizations:

  • NPB, focusing on research, education and promotion
  • NPPC, focusing on policy development and grassroots engagement
  • A state pork association, focusing on the application of research, education, promotion, policy and grassroots at the state and producer level

Each rotation will last eight months and require relocation to the respective organization’s location.

Job Opportunity

Manager of Pork Industry Relations

The Manager of Pork Industry Relations will participate in the Pork Industry Immersion Program and complete a two-year immersion experience that includes hands-on opportunities, network development and exposure to all facets of pork industry associations.

Application Deadline: November 10