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Research is at the heart of the National Pork Board’s mission and is funded by your Pork Checkoff dollars. Research is administered in all areas of pork production, processing, and human nutrition to develop a higher quality and more profitable product in the competitive meat protein market.

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Pork Safety - Post-Harvest
From feed to meat: investigation of the prevalence and distribution of Salmonella enterica serotype I 4,[5], 12:i: – a pathogen of interest in pork
Ensuring the safety of pork is essential for producers in order to maintain animal and human health, and also to continue serving export markets. One barrier to this is the rising occurrence of...
Public Health - Antibiotics & Resistance
Assessing the role of medium chain fatty acids as an alternative to medically important antibiotic
Research has demonstrated that medium chain fatty acids (MCFA) can serve as reduction strategies for bacterial and viral pathogens in animal feed and ingredients. However, it is unknown how the type or level of MCFA impact bacteria growt
Swine Health - PRRS
Detection and differentiation of field strains and commonly used vaccine strains of Type 2 PRRS virus in the US
PRRS remains the most economically devastating swine disease with an estimated annual loss of $664 million in the US. The PRRS genome is constantly changing, making accurate diagnosis difficult. Many...
Swine Health - Foreign Animal Disease
Development and Evaluation of a Standardized Protocol for Utilization of Swine Oral fluids for PCR detection of High Consequence Pathogens: FMD, CSF, and ASF
The primary objective of this project was to develop a standard operating procedure for the use of swine oral fluids (SOF) as a diagnostic specimen for detection of endemic viral diseases such as...
Swine Health - General Disease
Comprehensive Literature Review on the current knowledge for Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus and Porcine Deltacoronavirus
Animal Science - Swine Nutrition
Novel feed processing methods of cold pelleting and fine ground corn segregation to maximize feed efficiency, nutrient utilization and economic return
Swine producers continue to grind to extremely fine particle sizes, which inherently produces a significant portion of the diet that is fine powder. The fine particles (< 150 microns) create...
Public Health - Antibiotics & Resistance
Do probiotics, an antibiotic alternative, mitigate or contribute to emergence and persistence of antimicrobial resistance in gut bacteria?
The use of antimicrobials in feed and their positive benefits on growth performance during the nursery stage of swine production system is well established. In the past, producers have widely used...
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