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Human Nutrition
Phrases that Help and Hinder: Nudging Children Toward Healthy Eating Habits

Caregivers play a big role in shaping children’s eating behaviors. Empowering children to explore new foods, like lean pork, is key to addressing nutritional challenges faced by children. 

Profit Maximizer
Ample Supply As Slaughter/Production Exceeds Estimates

Pork supply remains ample and it is only expected to increase in the next few weeks. Hog slaughter approaching 2.7 million head plus steady increases in hog carcass weights means market is well supplied and product available.

Pork Checkoff News
One Health: Supporting Market Demand for Pork

The interconnectedness of human, animal and environmental health is crucial to supporting demand for pork and ensuring a safe, high-quality pork supply.

Market Growth
Elevating U.S. Pork in Japan: Strategic Partnerships and Key Market Expansion

U.S. pork takes center stage in Japan's culinary scene as a major retail chain shifts to 100% U.S. product, showcasing significant progress in expanding global demand.

Pork Checkoff News
Impactful (and Surprising) Growth Initiatives in the Pork Industry

National Pork Board is working for you. Your Pork Checkoff dollars supports ongoing market growth initiatives to create long-term domestic and international demand.

Profit Maximizer
Hog Futures Lose Ground As Cutout Continues to Slide

Market has become somewhat disjointed. Futures are at contract lows and the wholesale price index has been steadily declining for the last two month. However, not all pork prices are down. Loin prices continue to hold up and brisket bones have been steadily moving higher.

Human Nutrition
Pork: The Ultimate Carrier Food for a Nutrient-Rich Diet

Did you know pork is considered the ultimate Carrier Food? 🍖 Including it in your diet can boost intake of essential nutrients like potassium, choline, and more. Dive into the latest research to learn how pork is shaping the future of nutrition.

Pork Checkoff News
2023 Real Pork Scholars Cohort Members Kick Off Two-Year Program

National Pork Board program focuses on development of future thought leaders connected to the pork industry.

Trails End Farm Demonstrates How Innovation and Tradition Can Coexist

In a world of ever-evolving technology and environmental consciousness, Trails End Farm has balanced respect for tradition with a passion for innovation.

Profit Maximizer
Pork Prices Seasonally Lower And With More Downside From Here

Hog slaughter was lower than the previous week but for the next 6-7 weeks slaughter should hover around 2.6 million head, helping bolster supply and pressure prices lower. Futures were lower earlier in the week, largely a knee-jerk reaction to the results of the September inventory survey. In the near term, however, wholesale pork prices have been more resilient than markets were expecting.

Real Pork
Creating Long-Term Demand for Pork in a Surprising Way

It's Pork Month so, no surprise, we're celebrating! What IS surprising to many people is how good pork is for you, for your family and for the planet.

Profit Maximizer
Breeding Herd Expected To Be Down, Keep Supply Growth In Check.

Hog inventory report to be released 9/28 is expected to show breeding herd down 1.5% to 2% vs. year ago. The reduction may be offset by continued productivity gains but overall supply for next year is expected to be about the same as it was in 2023.

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